Just as State legislation is important to the children of California, Federal legislation is important to children and adoptive parents throughout the entire country. Congresswoman Woolsey agrees that if a foreign-born child who has been made a dependent of the court is adopted by U.S. citizens, that child should automatically gain legal status. She has agreed to introduce such a bill in Washington D.C.  Congressman Woolsey wrote this letter in support of SueCares’ efforts.

As a child advocate, I was in Washington, D.C. where I had several meetings with Congressional members (and their staff) to share my story and to educate them on how the current law is not protecting some of our children and adoptive parents. What an experience! What I see as a “no brainer” is viewed differently in the twisted world of politics. I was confused as to why this “no brainer” didn’t appear as important as I feel it is. Then I realized, in comparison to the war, global warming and the filibuster, it’s not a top priority. Now I know why I do this!! If we don’t make this a priority, no one will!!

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